As a business traveller this site was born out of sheer frustration when having to travel to a new international destination. I would have to fly to a new place but I would have to work out a combination of where my overseas place of work is, find a hotel nearby and then how to get to the airport and between these two destinations. Considerable effort has to go into sorting the logistics of this travel… and usually it has to be in my own time (evening or weekend) as there are still the other normal day to day demands within my job.

Most airport websites seem to be pretty awful and in some cases next to useless (even for a major hub!).

So this website is intended to very quickly inform you at a glance:

LOGISTICS: different means of transport, cost, and times to the main city they serve
STAY: a few mid-range hotels to stay in to get you started
EAT: if you are sick of hotel food and have the energy maybe you would like to head out to see this city/town you are visiting
SEE: a few places to see if you have time

It is *not* meant to be exhaustive. The emphasis is on being concise so you do not have to spend hours reading … otherwise there is no point to this website.

iwi: from Maori for ‘tribe’