Helsinki airport is about 20km from the centre of Helsinki. It is now a rather busy hub between China and the West.

The wider area that visitors often think of as Helsinki is actually 3 cities immediately adjacent to each other: Helsinki + Espoo + Vantaa. You arrive in Vantaa by air. The city of Helsinki itself is very small and the main ‘downtown area’ is focused from around the main railway station down to Esplanadi.



Taxis are available directly outside the terminal. A trip to the centre is about 40 euros.

Car Hire
The following are at available at the airport: Budget, Europcar, Hertz, Sixt

There is no rail or tram service to Helsinki airport


3-star hotels in the centre are typically about £100 a night or a bit less; 4-star are about £150 or more per night.

  • Radisson Blu Plaza. Right in the centre near the railway station. While hotels near railway stations are sometimes grotty this is most certainly not. Very convenient, and you are literally across the road from the Maya restaurant mentioned below


  • Storyville for jazz. Great place, next to the Finnish parliament building
  • Go for a walk from Esplanadi to Kaivopuisto (‘pusito’ means park). 4km / 50 minutes in the route shown


You will not be short of places to select in Helsinki! Here are a few suggestions:

Eat in the hotel, or if you fancy venturing out: